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Dentopia Dental

Laboratory, Inc

9813 Godwin Drive

Manassas, VA 20110

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9813 Godwin Drive Manassas, VA 20110

​Northern Virginia's Premier Choice for  Certified Full Dental Service Laboratory located in Manassas, VA.  Learn More...


Monday ~ Friday 

8:30AM ~ 5:30PM

Saturday & Sunday CLOSED




Dentopia Dental Laboratory, Inc

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* Turnaround schedule below listed as in lab working days and does not include or account for Shipping Time, Weekend or Holidays,  Please be sure to consider when scheduling  your patient!

  • Crown & Bridge <---------------------------------------------------------------------> 10 lab days*
  • Implant (UCLA / CUSTOM CAST ABUTMENT) <-----------------------------> 12 lab days*    Note : Some Implant Case may need additional in lab days, if so, Dentopia      Representative  will contact you immediately to discuss about requesting        additional time
  • Metal try in / Porcelain finish <---------------------------------------------------> 7 lab days*
  • Temporary & Diagnostic Wax Up <--------------------------------------------->  7 lab days*
  • Custom Tray, Wax Rim <------------------------------------------------------------>  5 lab days*
  • Teeth Setting, Reline / Rebase <-------------------------------------------------->  5 lab days*
  • Metal Frame Work & Wax Rim <-------------------------------------------------> 10 lab days*
  • Cure & Finish <-------------------------------------------------------------------------> 10 lab days*
  • Repair (Minor) <------------------------------------------------------------------------> 5 lab days*
  • Repair (Major) <------------------------------------------------------------------------>  Please Call*

RUSH CASE must be prescheduled  by calling our office @703.365.2635 before case is shipped or request for pick up.  Pick up and delivery time may affect the turnaround time. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL RUSH CASES ARE SCHEDULED DEPENDING ON THE LAB'S WORKLOAD!

Please have following items included before sending a case;

  • Rx/Lab Prescription
  • Impressions ( Full Arch impression for case that is more than 3 unit )
  • Implant Parts
  • ​Bite Registration / Blue Bite
  • Additional information or models that would be helpful to the case
  • New Potential Doctor, Please call our Logistic Team @ 703.365.2635or email: dentopia@hotmail.com to receive New Doctor Welcome KIT!

Rx Form

Feel Free to download Dentopia's Rx form to
send your first case.
Lab Slip


For Local Clients - VA/DC/MD : 

We employ our own delivery personnel to ensure you a Prompt and Swift Pick Up & Delivery 

For Nationwide Clients :

We have contracted with major national courier to deliver your precious case on time all over North America!  Please Call one of our Nationwide Logistic Team@703.365.2635 or by email:dentopia@hotmail.com to send you Rx Prescriptions, Shipping Labels and Boxes.